Linac & CT commisionning

Medinel assists you in the acceptance, the configuration and the commissioning of linear accelerators and CT scanners. Our team can manage the acceptance of the machines and the establishment of baseline performances.

We perform the configuration of the treatment planning software and the oncology information system.

We have developed various tools to assess accurately machine performances. We guarantee the traceability and the quality of the measurements measures in accordance with international standards.

We can manage various types of linacs including dedicated machines.


 Complex techniques implementation

We can bring you expertise and assistance in the clinical commissioning of complex treatment techniques like IMRT, VMAT, IORT, stereotactic radiation therapy and respiratory gating. From the choice of the products to the treatment of the first patient, we help you in all project phases for a safe operation.


 Quality control & performance assessment

We can do the quality control of your facilities (Linac, CT Scanner) according to the local regulatory requirements and establish a track record of performance in a timely manner or periodically as needed.


 Workflow optimization

We can analyze your entire clinical workflow and optimize your process in order to maximize your efficiency. This is a complex task involving resource management, training and equipment choices.

We can also provide dedicated tools for daily workflow management.


 Experimented physicist advice

Medinel can offer qualified staff for project development or for episodic additional work.